Episode 16130: Know Your Context



Is there an Agile Governance? We think of Agile development as occurring on the project or operations level. Yet projects take place in a bigger context, one that is shaped by boards and financing and strategies. In this episode, the How We Manage Stuff talks about how the “ravings of filthy rich ego-maniacs” shape his work and ultimately the work of a company as well.

This episode introduces Tom Woteki as Gerald the Board Chair.


Background: Context Maps
Context Map
A Context Map lets you begin converging on the top eight themes or dimensions of a particular topic or opportunity space.  By knowing these dimensions, you can ask the right questions that prompt a more informed search for promising innovation opportunities.
You can find more  about this tool in Tamara Carleton’s Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation .
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.52.13 PM
Gerald-the-Board-Chair’s application of the Context Map

Episode 16120: The Unnamed Episode with Guest Tiffany Norwood



What happens when you are developing big technology? Perhaps you are helping to build a global radio network. How do requirements emerge? How do you respond? This week’s guest helps us to understand these issues. It is Tiffany Norwood, who was part of the Worldspace team, the startup that became the company now known as XM-Sirius.




The founding of XM radio has been the subject of a well-known series of Case Studies by faculty that the Harvard Business School.

Godes, David B.   (07/01/2003).  XM Satellite Radio (A). Harvard Business School Cases.  p. 1 – 25.

Godes, David B., and Elie Ofek. “XM Satellite Radio (B).” Harvard Business School Supplement 504-065, January 2004. (Revised March 2004.)

Godes, David B., and Elie Ofek. “XM Satellite Radio (C): The Next Generation of Radio Receivers.” Harvard Business School Case 505-015, September 2004. (Revised August 2007.)

The NAACP Magazine The New Crisis has a profile on Worldspace founder Noah Samara.  It helps to give a richer view of the founding of XM radio. 



Episode 16110: Where do we go from here?



This is a podcast about technology, about organizations and about people. In this episode, the office staff meet to talk about the goals for the next season, the guests that will be featured, and the things they have accomplished over the last weeks.

Also, Anna the Internet makes an appeal to Elon Musk to help her be the host of the next Binge episode




Episode 16105: What does the future hold?



This week. “How We Manage Stuff” is podcasting live at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Of course, you need to remember that podcasting is not a live medium. That is called “streaming” and we don’t do it yet.) We take a quick look at the CES booths and try to determine the important new technology for the year.