Episode 15316: Binge on a new Idea



Anna-the-Intern one more substitutes for the missing hosts and introduces this binge episode that incorporates the three episodes that started the discussion on Agile methods & Management:


210: What’s in a name?

220: What is new about Agile?

230: The Agile Manifesto



Episode 15313: Binge Episode – The Aspects of Agile



Anna-the-Intern introduces this binge episode that incorporates three discussions of Agile Development & Management:


240: How fast is fast enough

250: The Agile Designer

2600: What you see is what you get



Episode 15300: Standard Engineers? with Guest Pierre Bourque


Though we live in an era in which any can (any many do) become software developers without any formal training, we actually do have a standard for software engineers. This standard, which is known as the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, is not intended to exclude anyone from creating software. Instead, it defines the goals for which we strive, no matter how or why we are creating software.