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17810: Anna the Intern & the Young Tech Employee


How do you manage a young tech employee? That’s why we have Anna-the-Intern on the podcast. She helps us understand why we call them “millennials” and they hate the term. The millennials are not a unique cohort. All adults have passed through the experience of being in their early 20s. However, the context for young adulthood is new. And the incentives for action are novel. And so we have a confinement, insightful and slightly shoe obsessed intern to help us how to manage the young tech employee


Anna-the-Intern: Sarah Corbyn Woolf


17130: The Overhire & The Young Tech Employee


What do your young tech employees think about their organization? Especially those that are still learning about organizations and how they operate? We know that they have trouble putting their ideas into words and that they often talk about their concerns in an oblique way. (Though we all do that to some extent.) We also know that they are particularly sensitive to overhire, to a new supervisor that restricts their freedom.

This episode explores some of those issues, through the eyes of Rohit, our IT Guy. Rohit has recently realized that the newly hired Bix-the-Scrum-Master is actually his boss.



Rohit-from-IT:  Noah Masur

Evelyn-the-Business-Manager: Margaux Amie

Sully-from-Poliy & PR: Josh LaForce

Zack-the-friend-of-Rohit:  Josh LaForce

Jenny-the-friend-of-Anna: Debbon Ayer


16435: When a Millennial Trips and Falls


As part of our series investigating the interaction of young workers and technology Anna-the Intern talks with her friend Jenny about the times when ambition outruns reality and when the language of one generation fails another.


  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf as Anna-the-Intern
  • Debbon Ayer as Jenny-the-Acquaintance