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17315: Working in the Neighborhood


  • Zoe Anastassiou as Maddie-the-8-year-old-entrepreneur
  • Geoffrey Grier as Vinny the Board Chair
  • Margaux Amie as Evelyn the Office Manager
  • Ron Bianchi as Ernesto from Tenderloin Angels
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    17890: Principal of a Disruptive School


    How do you present disruption?

    How do you present disruption when you are supposed to be a teacher of disruption?

    This week’s episode features Debbon Ayer, the cast member who plays Penelope Othmar, the Principal of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation, the nation’s premier K-12 School for future entrepreneurial business leaders.


      • Debbon Ayer as Penelope Othmar, Principal of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School



    17335: A Holiday for Statistics


    How do you think about data? How do you you look for an office in Bangalore?

    And how do you deal with a country that has a holiday for statistics?

    This episode starts with with the Stats Holiday, moves through a real estate agent brimming with confidence in his own ability to understand the client’s needs, and ends with a staff member who dreams of a new office within walking distance of a Premier League Cricket Stadium.

    What does all this tell you about Big Data? That it is only part of our business experience.


    • Sonam Powar As Jameela, the Bangalore Office Manager
    • Margaux Amie as Evelyn, the Business Manager
    • Josh LaForce as Sulley, from Policy
    • Ron Bianchi as Deepak, the The Bengaluru Real Estate Agent
    • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT



    17235: Getting Good People – the Agile Board Meeting

    hwms.coverartGet Good People Around?  We have Tech.  We Have Markets.  Who needs these silly things?

    And why do we need corporate governance for a tech firm The stock price will tell us how well the company is going.

    So begins the monthly meeting of the Watcher Dogs board meeting. It moves into some platitudes and then slides into a most unfortunate event.  Most unfortunate.


    • Ron Bianchi as Harvey of Lapin Partners
    • Margaux Amie as Delores Paynes -Perkins
    • Zoe Anastassiou as Maddie the 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur
    • Geoffrey Grier as Vinny the CTO
    • Debbon Ayer as Penelope Othmar, Principle of the Lillian Moller School for Disruptive Innovation
    • Mr. Skippy as himself



    17193: Maddie the CEO (Vol 3)


    Not every podcast can boast of an 8-year-old CEO and none can boast of one as insightful as Maddie. To give you a little better understanding of her, we have assembled 3 episodes from last year that help explain how she works and how she is a business leader. Or at least thinks she is a business leader.


    Narrator, Penelope Othmar: Debbon Ayer

    Maddie the CEO:Zoe Anastassiou

    Vinny the CTO:Geoff Grier

    Anna the Intern:Sarah Corbyn Woolf


    17225: Programs, Expertise and Cooking


    Is programming a skill unique to itself or can we learn some fundamental lessons from other fields. Cooking perhaps. In this episode, the podcast goes to one of its favorite restaurants – Washington DC’s Green Rice and Natto – to create an episode that looks at the different kinds of skills you need as a programmer.

    We also learn about the Pepperoni Bento Box, which seems to be a unique blend of cuisines.


    Katje Kuksenok: Herself

    Rohit from IT:Noah Masur

    Felipe, the cook:Josh LaForce

    Christine the Sous Chef:Zoe Anastassiou


    17231: Fuzzy Sets, Probabilities, and Boyfriends


    Rohit from IT attempts to address the question raised in the last episode: “Is it better to be a 70% with a 20% probability or a 20% boyfriend with a 70% probability?” The answer to that question involves the distinction between probability and fuzzy sets. It would be an entirely academic discussion if it weren’t central to the machinery of modern marketing. Don’t want to think of yourself as a having a 70% chance of being 80% of a customer? Then you better listen.

    If you want a little more context for this problem, you might want to Anna raise the issues of Fuzzy Sets in the “Knowledge Engineered Boyfriend”.


    Rohit from IT: Noah Masur

    Rohit’s Cricket Team:Themselves


    17230: Knowledge Engineered Boyfriend


    So what’s so bad about Knowledge Engineering? You’re just systematizing what your company knows. Just trying to bring some order to the chaos of the corporate world. However, it always requires a compromise. Squeezing a 7 and a half foot into a 6 and a half Louboutin, as Anna would say. In no situation are the problems of the knowledge engineered boyfriend. To ask the question of the ages, it is better to be a 70% with a 20% probability or a 20% boyfriend with a 70% probability.


    Evelyn the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

    Rohit from IT: Noah Masur

    Anna-the Intern:Sarah Corbyn Woolf

    Cian-the-Consultant: Josh LaForce