16220: A visit to Bucks of Woodside


Negotiation. Negotiated Technology. How do we start to make the compromises that turn a technology into a product. We sit down with our CTO, Vinny and our Business Manager, Evelyn, in the famous Silicon Valley Restaurant, Bucks of Woodside, to discuss these issues. (And oddly, the waiter looks remarkably like Rohit.) This week, as we get ready for our visit with Historian George Dyson.

This episode introduces new cast member, Geoffrey Grier of San Francisco’s Recovery Theatre.


Bucks of Woodside
Bucks of WoodsideBucks is a well-known Silicon Valley restaurant in the hills north and west of Palo Alto. In common with a certain class of business restaurants, it is decorated in a style that can only be described as “Eclectic junkyard”. Unlike many of these places, the decor has a certain authenticity because it doesn’t seem to have been carefully designed or arranged. The artifacts were acquired by the owner and simply fill the place.

Perhaps unique among such restaurants, the own of Bucks Slide3
apparently made an offer to purchase Lenin’s body after the disintegration of the U. S. S. R.  The exchange of letters between the restaurant owner and a mid-level Russian minister captures both the unconstrained deal making of Silicon Valley with the rapicious actions of Russia’s new oligarchs.   The restaurant offers a price in “the low six figures” and the Russian minister ducks the offer while suggesting that Russia might have some other cultural artifacts that could be purchased for that sum.”