Episode 16130: Know Your Context



Is there an Agile Governance? We think of Agile development as occurring on the project or operations level. Yet projects take place in a bigger context, one that is shaped by boards and financing and strategies. In this episode, the How We Manage Stuff talks about how the “ravings of filthy rich ego-maniacs” shape his work and ultimately the work of a company as well.

This episode introduces Tom Woteki as Gerald the Board Chair.


Background: Context Maps
Context Map
A Context Map lets you begin converging on the top eight themes or dimensions of a particular topic or opportunity space.  By knowing these dimensions, you can ask the right questions that prompt a more informed search for promising innovation opportunities.
You can find more  about this tool in Tamara Carleton’s Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation .
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.52.13 PM
Gerald-the-Board-Chair’s application of the Context Map

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